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always thinking

November 2008

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INFJ (jillie20)

friends cut

I did a friends cut, finally. And I may do another relatively soon. No offense to anyone I cut, it was probably because I felt like we've drifted apart - you don't read my entries, I don't read yours, or when we do read each other's entries we probably spend much of the time going "huh?" Or maybe we never quite really knew one another. If you want to be re-added, IM me. Hopefully I can keep in touch with some of you via IM.

Also, if you're one of the ones who didn't get cut but you secretly wish you did - let me know. I really won't be offended. Well, okay, I'd be offended if one person wanted to be cut but she already knows that. So, tell me if you want off my list and I'll gladly oblige :)


I adore your icon. That is all.
Hee, yay! Have you watched West Wing yet, BTW?
I haven't, not yet. I know bad me. But I will!
Thanks for keeping me!!
Awesome - I made the cut. But ..can I make it to round two? Dun-dun-daaaa.
<3! Thank you!
Ok I just checked again.
Why, why are you paranoid? *pokes*
I secretly wish you would cut me. :-P
Liar. Evil. Sneaky. Liar. See, I don't think you're sweet or innocent, you sneaky evil liar.
*hugs* no ill-will, k? <3 stef
During this particular cut? I don't know, exactly. 5 or 6 actual people, and about the same amount of dead-journals or extra journals where the person has switched, etc.
Yay, I made it. I'm always afraid I won't make it through these things. I know I really should be cut, because I'm bad about everything "keeping in touch" related, but I'm a sucker for doggie updates and I do think we should hang out at some point :) Besides, when I get my new apartment I was thinking of using you as a sort of guide to first apartments.

I am psssting you.
hey...prettyh said that you were looking for some info on digital cameras...if you need any help, let me know. You can email me at super_vixen3@yahoo.com



I stumbled upon your journal via Jen in Daytona's journal. I was bored and I was looking at her friends list. I *love* your journal background. You seem like a cool chick and if you're interested in talking, you can post back. I'll add you to my friends list :-) Bye!


you cut me :*(

how sad... have we already drifted apart? i'd like to think not. i hope your move went well.


Re: you cut me :*(

Awww, no! Read the other post, with the LJ-cut. I did a friends cut for like, EVERYONE, and am adding back people who comment and request to be added on, etc. It was sort of a way to clean out my friends list easily...I'll totally add you back if you want. And I need your teacher-email-addy once you get one.
jenn, i wish i could get on aim when you might be on these days but sadly, i can't. i guess that's why we've drifted apart, i suppose. i still hold you in high regard though. you've always been a wonderful friend to me. :)


Add me back? Please?
*sniffle* Add me back?