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always thinking

November 2008

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always thinking


Stolen from Heather. Figured I could use with a simplistic post right about now.

Anonymously comment with:

One secret.

One compliment.

One non-compliment.

One love note/nice thought.

One piece of hate mail/a reason you like me less.

Lyrics from/to a song.

What you think our relationship level is at.

Where you want our relationsip level to be.

And a hint to who you are.

You don't really have to do the hint as to who you are if you don't want. :P



One secret...I crave intimacy more than anything...but its my greatest fear.

One compliment...Your passion amazes me.

One non-compliment...I wish you didn't live so far away.

One love note/nice thought...Random memories of you make me smile.

One piece of hate mail/a reason you like me less...I couldn't.

Lyrics from/to a song...I'd rather walk on glass than see teardrops in your eyes/And I'd fall to peices just to hold you/The best thing in my life/Its just luck I get to love you/You're the one thing that's right/You're the light in my hell's darkness

What you think our relationship level is at...Not where it could be

Where you want our relationsip level to be...closer

And a hint to who you are...Anonymous comment memes are dangerous.


One secret: My significant other doesn't realize that s/he can do better than me. This makes me feel guilty for not telling him/her.

One compliment: I admire your dedication to your students. I personally want to kill all people who fall between the ages of 5 and 20.

One non-compliment: Well I don't have a lot to base this on because I confess that I've only listened to one of your voice posts and it was when you were raving mad, but you sounded a bit like a valley girl.

One love note/nice thought: You deserve better than the insanity that he is putting you through.

One piece of hate mail/a reason you like me less: Well, I don't like you less for it, but you worry too much (and so do I, so I'm not going to judge, lol).

Lyrics from/to a song: She's a brick.... house... shes the one, the only one, built like an Amazon... (This isn't directed at you... just the first song that popped into my mind)

What you think our relationship level is at: Not that close

Where you want our relationsip level to be: It'd be nice to be closer, but time/distance/life makes that difficult.

And a hint to who you are: Can't you figure out who is answering these by looking at who then puts the little survey into their journal?



You are obviously a dedicated and giving person to have selflessly entered the field you are in.

You don't demand to be treated as well as you should be by people in some close relationships.

Good things happen for good people, and lucky for you, you are good people.

You really should have never left Orlando.

"In the last extremity
To advance or not to advance
I hear you laughing
Even still you're calling me
Not tonight...
Not tonight...
Not tonight, Josephine."

Distant physically, but closer relationship wise.

Definitely bridge the physical gap more often.

Maybe We're A Bliss Of Another Kind,


Re: Reply

Forgot my secret...

More recently, I tend to fall madly in love with people who I know are only supposed to be my friends.